Panda Helper Best Games.

By now you may probably have heard about panda Helper the third-party app store. In case if you haven’t, consider downloading it right now. There is no other better place to download hacked and tweaked apps than panda helper.
In this article, we are going to look at panda Helper‘s best gaming apps.

Prison Empire Tycoon

Want to control your prion as a tycoon? Built both prison and your business from the scratch with the help of your inmates.

  • Try to make inmates life comfy by spending a fraction of the business profit.
  • Hire the best people with great vision and fire the worst.
  • Enhance prison’s security to thwart conflicts.
  • Eventually, try to be the world’s best prison manager.

Modded Feature

Unlimited money that increases as you spent

Sponge Bob: Krusty cook-off

Help SpongeBob SquarePants to get his newly opened fast-food businesses up and running.

  • Help SpongeBob Squarepants design the bikini bottom kitchen.
  • Cook up food like pancakes and BBQs.\
  • SpongeBob’s narration would keep a smile on your face as you advance through the game.
  • Meet Mr Krabs, Squidward, Patrick
  • Become the best chef in the world.

Modded Feature

Infinite Gems


When you are left stranded in the middle of harsh terrains neither with food nor clothes, try not to fall into death. In this role-playing game, you have to overcome all of those challenges.

  • Get a special gift on completion of the above scenes.
  • Ensnare animals to satiate hunger and gather rainwater to quench your thirst.
  • When you bump into wild animals use your wit to fight or take your feet to hand.
  • Try to stay healthy, no matter what

Modded Features

Unlimited Raddish

War Commander: Rogue Assault

As a Rogue war commander, you must attack, divide and conquer your enemy while building your empire. Plan your every attack before you move.

  • Secure your hardly-built empire with the help of the Infantry, Tanks and Air Force.
  • Use Missiles, warships and tanks to defend your base.
  • Join hands with the alliance forces and fight side by side to lead the war toward a victory.

Modded Feature

God Mode to use in guest account

Grow Empire: Rome

In this role-playing game, you get to play your Julies, Cesar. Throughout the game, you have to defend your roman empire from barbaric forces and Italian army forces attacks while expanding the empire.

  • Face fight and survive from 1500 plus enemy attract waves
  • Conquer cities that exceed 120
  • Unlock troops and skills
  • Gather wealth and make Rome prosperous

Modded Feature

Coins increase as you spent them


All the time when we think about the panda helper gaming apps, farmville2 is the name that is come into the picture.
Released in 2020, Farmville is thought to be the most popular farming game in the world, playing well over millions of people.

  • Trade crops for goods with your friends and with Anonymous players
  • Rare and nurture farm animals
  • Built garden by the sea
  • Expand your farm plot try to be the best farmer in the world

Modded Features

MOD features
Upgrade Barn for Free
Free Keys
Frozen Currencies


Never allow the price to get in the way when choosing the best gaming apps. Download the panda helper app today.

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